Cyberware for MSP’s

Meet Your New Security Specialist.

A New Profit Center for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Companies count on you to manage their IT environment. They also assume you are keeping their data and their networks secure. But most clients don’t appreciate how quickly cybercrime is evolving and how many cybersecurity tasks are beyond your normal scope of work.


Winquest CyberWare allows you to provide a whole new level of cyber protection. Our experts seamlessly become part of your team to provide a military-grade approach to mitigating the modern cybersecurity threat. Winquest CyberWare can be fully white-labeled so clients see it as your offering with you in complete control.

Step 1: You fill out an initial client survey and install our proprietary network monitoring device.
Step 2: We perform our Cybersecurity Abbreviated Vulnerability Assessment (CAVA).
Step 3: We detail all work that needs to be done: software, hardware, training.
Step 4: You perform the work you want to take on, we handle the rest.
Step 5: We monitor your clients’ system 24/7 to provide real-time alerts to any new threats, vulnerabilities or weaknesses.
Step 6: If it becomes necessary, we provide full incident response and recovery services.

Take the first step to making your business cybersafe: