Vulnerability Assessments

Reduce Your Risk of a Cyber Attack With a Full Vulnerability Assessment or a CAVA™

Winquest offers full vulnerability assessments and our exclusive Cybersecurity Abbreviated Vulnerability Assessment (CAVA™). The full vulnerability assessment is our most thorough assessment and includes a full report of all vulnerabilities discovered and how to mitigate each of them. The CAVA™ is an abbreviated version of our full assessment designed to make it affordable to proactively protect your business with a low-cost, one-day cybersecurity assessment. 

Priced at $3950, this service will identify weaknesses in your network and operating system infrastructure and give you detailed recommendations to eliminate your most dangerous vulnerabilities. Often your existing IT support team can follow through with the improvements once we make specific recommendations. Winquest can also be contracted to implement these changes. Contact us to determine the most appropriate assessment and protect your business as soon as possible.

Full Vulnerability Assessment and CAVA™ Service Description

Winquest will conduct a Vulnerability Assessment on the agreed-upon Client network infrastructure to:

  • Search for security vulnerabilities in Client’s network, operating systems, and devices that reside on Client’s network
  • Provide valuable information on vulnerabilities found in Client’s network, helping to improve Client’s network security posture
  • Use a cadre of commercial, custom, and open-source toolsets, leveraging Winquest industry experience and knowledge of the latest cybersecurity trends
  • Identify and provide specific recommendations to resolve dangerous vulnerabilities discovered during the assessment

Your Assessment Can Be Performed Remotely with Winquest CENTRA™

Don’t let travel costs stop you from an assessment. The Winquest CENTRA™ is a mini-computer loaded with software that we send to you to enable Winquest professionals to conduct your assessment remotely. The CENTRA fits in the palm of your hand and easily plugs into your network. Although Winquest prefers to be on-site for an assessment, we offer a remote assessment capability so travel costs don’t discourage you from having an assessment.

Take the first step to making your business cybersafe: