Meet your new security specialist.

A New Profit Center for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Companies count on you to manage their IT environment. They also assume you are keeping their data and their networks secure. But most clients don’t appreciate how quickly cybercrime is evolving and how many cybersecurity tasks are beyond your normal scope of work.
Winquest CyberWare

Winquest CyberWare allows you to provide a whole new level of cyber protection. Our experts seamlessly become part of your team to provide a military-grade approach to mitigating the modern cybersecurity threat. Winquest CyberWare can be fully white-labeled so clients see it as your offering with you in complete control.

How It Works

Steps that show how CyberWare works

Scalable Cybersecurity Support

We’ve structured Winquest CyberWare to work for businesses of any size. We can also offer additional services as needed, including more comprehensive vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, forensics and more.

With Winquest, You Now Offer:
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Penetration Testing
• Incident Response
• Forensics
• Security Awareness Training
• Security Policies and Procedures
• Security Consulting

You’re in Control

We provide the cybersecurity expertise, but you always maintain complete control over your client relationship. If our initial assessment identifies software, hardware or protocols that need to be implemented, you can provide as many of these services directly as you see fit. The Winquest team will perform the rest and can be onsite if needed.

Marketing Support

We provide marketing materials to help you introduce this service on your website and through printed handouts and PDFs. Winquest is the cybersecurity seal of approval, but you are the trusted local provider for each client, so you can co-brand all materials with your name and contact information. If you’re interested in marketing this service further, contact us— we are open to additional, co-op marketing opportunities.
Marketing Support

Start Offering Real Cybersecurity Protection Now

The threats are increasing every day. Do not miss out on the opportunity to offer your clients next-level cybersecurity protection through our white-label services. We’ve got you covered so you can keep them covered.