Post-Mission Support

Winquest support doesn’t end when our mission is accomplished. We encourage our Clients to contact us, free of charge, anytime they have cybersecurity questions or concerns. For example:

  • A Client received a suspicious email from the CEO to the CFO requesting the wire transfer of a large amount of money. The Client immediately contacted Winquest and we helped them execute their Incident Response drill to ensure they were able to cancel the transfer and confirm their system wasn’t infected with malware from the email.
  • A Client opened a PDF document and it immediately disappeared and couldn’t be located. The Client contacted Winquest and we were able to diagnose the incident as a software problem and confirm it was not malware related.
  • A Client asked Winquest the best kind of lock to install after our vulnerability assessment mission discovered the server room door had no lock on it. Winquest helped the Client determine the best type of lock to use and sent links to vendors where they could purchase it.

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