Winquest President & CEO Proposes National-Level Cybersecurity Incentive for Small Businesses

Winquest Cybersecurity President & CEO, John Leitch, recently proposed a national-level cybersecurity incentive at the Congressional Roundup, held by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, in Washington, D.C.

Leitch shared insights about the current state of cybersecurity for small businesses and presented his cybersecurity tax incentive proposal at meetings attended by congressional leaders. While sharing his insights, Leitch revealed that many small businesses avoid the issue of being vulnerable to a cyber incident and refuse to talk about cybersecurity risk.

As a business owner, Leitch understands the important impact that small businesses have on the economy. He works to encourage elected officials to support this incentive because he feels it would be the best motivator for small businesses to protect both their data and their customers’ data.

Visit this link to learn more about the incentive programs proposed by Leitch, and to read the full article by prnewswire.

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